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One of my customer Kaye made a flag stand for her church.  It was a brilliant design, display the flags very well, and easy to reach the flags. She got materials from local hardware store.  I appreciated her willingness to pass the information to my customer.  Thank you for her sharing.  Here is her description of how to make the stand and pictures. 

I was in Lowe's Home Improvement store & they had their outdoor patio furniture on sale at the end of the season.  I saw a tall fern / plant stand that was dark colored metal & the thought hit me that it might work.  I purchased 2, one for each side of the church.  

How I made it:  I turned it upside down & used the original "top", now for the base & used the same technique for the "platform" found below, to finish the "base".  I wrapped 2 bricks in brown paper & placed in the bottom, for added stability.  I used the plastic grid from the air filters, that I also bought at Lowe's, to cut a circle to fit in the "column" part of the stand, about 1/3 of the way down & also cut & wrapped heavy cardboard to go beneath the grid, for stability, to make a platform for the flags to rest on.  OH, I also cut a circle of the rubber-type shelf liner just under the grid to help keep the handles from slipping & moving around.  The holes in the grid were just a little larger than the ball on the flag handle, but I knew that the rubber would help them to stay in place, too.  I cut another round piece of the plastic grid for the top so that the flags could just easily slip through the openings of the grid & then rest on the gridded "platform" about 12-14" below the top.  I attached the , top, button & the flag "platform" with clear plastic zip ties around the metal of the stand.  I had to use wire cutters to cut & trim the grid & I used a dinner plate that was the right size, as a template, to get the "roundness" for the top & the bottom & I used salad plates to get the roundness for the platform.  Maybe this will help you to understand what you're seeing in the photos! 

They are a good size, at about 3 -  3 1/2 ft. tall & even the 4 & 5 year olds can get the flags out to use!  And it's sturdy enough that I've never seen anyone tip one over!  They display the flags nicely.  And they're right there in the sanctuary for anyone to use as the Spirit leads