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Order and Shipping Info


To order the products, select the items you want, and at the check out page, you can modify the quantity you want.

Shipping is via post office with delivery confirmation either first class mail or priority mail (shipping fee $10.00 or more).  Express mail extra; contact me for the detail.


Shipping Rates for US buyer
From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 35.00 7.00
35.01 50.00 8.00
50.01 100.00 10.00
100.01 150.00 12.50
150.01 and up 15.00


For international buyer, please email me your order and I will give you a shipping fee quote (otherwise, the shipping fee shown in the invoice will  not be correct).  Shipping to international is via post office first class mail or priority mail at your choice.  Shipping fee is much higher for the international shipping.  Also, please find out the custom fee charges before you buy.  Some country charges high custom fee.  There is no return for the international buyer.

The prefer payment is via PayPal.  After your finish the shopping, it will guide you to the PayPal  for the payment.   You can pay with credit card through PayPal without open a PayPal account.   If you are paying through PayPal, you are protected by the PayPal  Purchase Protection Policy (https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/make-online-payments).  

I also take Money Order.  If you wish to pay with the Money Order, email me your order and I will send you an email about where to mail the Money Order. My email address is worship-in-action@comcast.net

Most of the items are in stock for a small quantity (10 or less) except some of the Warfare flags, multi-color flags and multi-color streamers.  The in stock items will be shipped within 1-2 days.  Others can take 2-5 days depends of the flag type and quantity ordered.  If you are in a rush, email me your request and I will do my best to help speed the process.  

Returned items will be accepted if you email us and return the item within 7 days from the date you received it. The special order items are not returnable.  The buyer pays return shipping fee.  Refund will be given after receiving the item in its original, new and resalable condition.  Initial shipping and handling fee will not be refunded.  There is no return for the international buyer.

Email me any questions before you buy. I will answer the email as soon as possible.  If you didn't hear from me within 24 hours, please email me again.  Sometimes, email can get lost in the transmission.   My email address is worship-in-action@comcast.net